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Disclaimer for BharatMap.in

The contents of this website are based on information generally available to the public from reliable sources. No representation is made that it is timely, accurate or complete. We have taken due care and caution in compilation of data as this has been obtained from various sources including which it considers reliable and first hand.

Google Maps are used to show the respective places. We have no control in depicting map information. This is a free service given by Google to webmasters. Hence if there is any changes you required in particular map - please contact Google.

However, we do not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of any information and it is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information and especially states that it has no financial liability whatsoever to the users of the content. The information herein, together with all estimates and forecasts, can change without notice.

The contents does not purport to be a solicitation of any advice pertaining to trade and business and readers are advised to consult experts or study / evaluate individual business prospectus and other relevant legal documents before taking any decisions based on information provided in the site. We do not accept responsibility for any financial consequences arising from the use of the research or information provided herein.

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